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Our aim to become the American express of Africa is a mission tailored towards improving the quality of life by providing easy access to consumer credit across all payment channels.

Over the past 3 years, CredPal has been able to fill this gap by acquiring thousands of credit card users in Nigeria. We recently got featured on SkillFront, a public-benefit certification body that provides education and certification services.

SkillFront’s Interview with CredPal

SkillFront is a company that helps professionals learn skills that inspire them to find and execute profitable business ideas, grow companies, and become the category king of their markets. They provide objective evidence that a person or an organization needs to operate at the highest level of ethical, professional, and technical standards.

SkillFront recently made a publication about how we are building the American express of Africa which has been our goal since its inception.

Words from our co-founder

In the interview, our co-founder, Fehintolu Olaogun was asked how we innovate and these were his words;

“One thing that is constant in the FinTech space is innovation. There is always one thing to change or improve on. It could be a better way to serve customers, a new product to fill a market gap, you know, there’s just always something. All these are different forms of innovation and we are not left out in this game.

“When it comes to innovation, what we do is listen to the market and customer demands. Our customers send requests for features they’ll love to see. We take that feedback and let it guide what we want to build next. Growth is important to us and there’s no way to achieve that if we do not focus on differentiating ourselves from competitors and keeping our customers happy.”

“When CredPal started, we were offering credit to Nigerians through POS financing but we knew there was more to be done. So, we launched the CredPal credit card in Q4 of 2020, which is a full-fledged card management system. This allows individuals and businesses to get credit cards to pay for emergency bills and make urgent purchases.

“The system gives full autonomy on creating policies on card usage, offering limits based on earning power, and placing restrictions on cards when necessary.”

“And this year, we’re looking to optimize our app through what we call CredPal Pay which we’ll be launching very soon. What I’ll just say about this new feature is that customers have access to funds and also get to shop for anything they want from our merchants and pay for it on their repayment date, all within the CredPal App.”

Read the full publication here. 



In the wake of minimal access to loans, we are driving a lending ecosystem that increases the purchasing power of consumers and economic growth across Africa by offering better and easier access to consumer credit through credit cards, buy now, pay later, and loans.

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