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Valentine’s day is a holiday that is popularly observed as a day to celebrate love. Whether you’re single, happily coupled, or still in the beginning stages of a brand new relationship,  this period is when you get all ready to show and receive love. Let’s discuss valentine’s day gifts and how love syncs to money these days. 

Spending money is a must especially on things like romantic trips, flowers, dinner at a fancy restaurant, and lots more. Love is not a commodity to be bought or sold, but 21st-century love has an equal sync with money. Allow me to take a few lines from Davido’s song “Love is sweet o, but when money enter love is sweeter” which indeed defines how rich we communicate love today. 

We all want to experience that deliberate show of affection from our lovers but what happens when you can’t afford it? Being an occasion that happens in the middle of the month means that there is a high tendency that your salary might be halfway gone and cannot meet up with how you want to spoil your partner. 

This is why we have come up with a list of restaurants that will allow you to eat, chill, wine, and dine this season and pay later in up to 6 months. We are very flexible in our operations and we wanted to save you the stress of missing out on all the memories you can create with your partner. 

Click to see the list of restaurants that allow you to eat, chill and pay later in Lagos. 


valentine's day gift

Creative ways to Celebrate Valentine

A lot of people around the world struggle to come up with the best gifts or ways they can express love. Here are some of the creative ways you can enjoy this season with your partner. 

1) Romantic dinner at home 

You both can cook a meal at home,  get dressed then sit and take a trip down memory lane while you dine together.

2) A box of chocolate

This is one of the best Valentine’s day gifts to give your lover. It’s affordable and readily available, you can even add a bottle of red wine and a handwritten card to spice it up.

3) Picnic

  Explore the beauty of nature and go on a picnic at the beach or better still, find a place you both love and just hang out.

4) Cinema

Snuggling up while seeing a movie together at the cinema sounds like a great Valentine’s day. 

5) Finally, “The best gift”

You’re probably wondering what is the best kind of gift? Well, It’s a gift that keeps on giving, a gift that you can keep enjoying even after the event or celebration has passed.

A good example is getting gadgets or electronics, clothing materials, cosmetics and so many other things within the CredPal app. You don’t have to empty your account to get any of these neither do you have to pay immediately, you can get it now and spread your payment within 6 months. 

In conclusion, valentine is about showing love by splurging on each other, so if money is ever a problem, then login to your CredPal app. 



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