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Buy now pay later phones have become one of the major financing methods for gadgets in Nigeria. According to The Guardian, smartphone technology is now one of the fastest, most populated, and most invested industries in Nigeria. “Nigeria has roughly 170 million mobile phone users based on subscriptions.” Year after year different phone companies release new and modified versions of their products.

Aside from the technological modifications in our smartphones, mobile phones are generally prone to be misplaced, stolen, or damaged. When either of these happens, there is also the need for a new device. So, with or without innovations, consumers’ hunger for the need to communicate with a smartphone has to be met.

Amidst the need to satisfy our social nature of interacting, connecting, and communicating with people through a smartphone, there are other pressing financial demands that may arise and would need to be attended to as well. Imagine having to misplace your phone when you have other bills like school fees, house rent, house maintenance, etc to fix.

This is why the buy now, pay later payment option for phones and gadgets has been a major financing channel to consumers. According to our sales history, we have had more customers use our buy now, pay later services to purchase electronics, and gadgets more than other items.

This proves that customers have seen a convenient way to meet their needs of communicating and being social and also the payment option that permits them to spread their payment.

Buy now pay later phones in Nigeria

We have curated a list of merchants that accept buy now, pay later for electronics and gadgets in Nigeria.

  1. Slot Systems Limited
  2. Pointek
  3. Pacox Hub
  4. Sales366 Online Ltd
  5. Texcom
  6. Grow market Hub
  7. Divine fortune investment
  8. Delivrix Services Nigeria
  9. Timbala Nigeria
  10. De-lawtech Computers
  11. Casper Stores
  12. Starpointers Electronics
  13. Dreamworks Integrated Systems
  14. Ben Mekus Communication
  15. Modeldirect Online Stores
  16. Aig-link Dynamics
  17. God’s Plan Tech
  18. Bliss Computers Ltd
  19. Bliss Computers
  20. Timeline Global Systems

All of the merchants listed above and many others are listed within the CredPal app. You can either walk to their stores, visit their website or social media handle and use CredPal as a payment option to buy and pay later.

The days of saving to get a new gadget or electronics are finally over. We give you the access to spread your payment over 6 months while you get the phone of your choice.



In the wake of minimal access to loans, we are driving a lending ecosystem that increases the purchasing power of consumers and economic growth across Africa by offering better and easier access to consumer credit through credit cards, buy now, pay later, and loans.

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