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We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Prag, one of the leading inverter selling companies in Africa to ensure that customers who want to buy inverters and other electrical products can get them and pay later.

Prag is specialized in manufacturing and installing electrical power products for power supply systems such as inverters, stabilizers, solar, and batteries.

This partnership amplifies our track record of partnering with merchants who are delivering products that are meeting the needs of consumers. This is supported by a publication issued by Endeavour Nigeria (2022), where our CEO and Co-founder, Fehintolu Olaogun mentioned that he is hopeful for a 2022 filled with strategic partnerships. “I’m hopeful for more partnerships and collaborations; we’re stronger together and there’s so much we can really achieve and conquer when we join forces for growth.”

About Prag

Prag’s main products are Automatic voltage regulators (AVR), Uninterruptable power suppliers (UPS). Inverters (INV), Emergency power source (EPS), Battery chargers, Battery Energy Storage systems (ESS), etc.

pay later inverterPay later inverter

Pay later inverter

We are at the age and time where we cannot do without electrical appliances or devices. Ranging from laptops, phones, freezer, and many others. Inverters help us to keep our devices running smoothly even when the normal electrical supply or generator fails. Whether at home or in the office, electrical power products are essential in order to keep operations running smoothly.

With this partnership, you can buy any Prag products while you pay in installments. Download the CredPal app or visit Prag’s website to get started.



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