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Getting declined after applying for any form of credit – credit cards, or loans – could be a result of bad credit history, low credit score, or history of late repayments. This can hinder your access to obtaining credit from any financial institution. As a credit financing company whose goal is to make credit accessible for consumers in Africa, we have built a product that allows you to fix your credit reputation with our Secured Credit Card.

What is a Secured Card? 

Just like the name implies, a secured credit card is a card that helps you fix your bad credit history. It’s a card that gives you access to credit in exchange for a cash deposit of the same amount as your credit limit.  

CredPal Secured Card

Our Secured credit card helps you to build your credit reputation and gives you access to unlock our buy now, pay later services, which also makes it easier for you to access loans in the future. 

CredPal secured credit card

How to apply for a CredPal secured card

  1. Deposit cash collateral of a minimum of N10,000 (The higher the amount you deposit, the better your chances of improving your credit score)
  2. Unlock CredPal credit card of the same value.
  3. Use the funds on your credit card and repay monthly for a period of 4 months.
  4. CredPal would report your monthly repayment to the Credit Bureau to rebuild your credit score.
  5. Withdraw collateral at any time after successful repayments without default.

After 4 months, your credit reputation will be rebuilt and you can access credit facilities easily from financial institutions

To get started, simply deposit into the CredPal account below:

Account Name: Crednet Technologies Ltd

Account Number: 1016259279

Bank: Zenith Bank

Once the deposit has been made, send your proof of payment to or call 017007999. 

Benefits of using a CredPal Secured Card

  1. You do not need a good or perfect credit history to qualify 
  2. Your credit limit is tied to the amount you deposit 
  3. Your credit history is fixed in 4 months if credit is properly used. 
  4. The higher your deposit, the higher your credit limit is, and the faster your credit is fixed

If you’ve been struggling to get approved for credit, loans, or buy now, pay later services, then a Secured card is what you need. This is because your bad credit history cannot fix itself and doing nothing about it will obstruct you from accessing any form of credit. 

Make a cash deposit to the account details above, or login to the CredPal app today to get started. 



In the wake of minimal access to loans, we are driving a lending ecosystem that increases the purchasing power of consumers and economic growth across Africa by offering better and easier access to consumer credit through credit cards, buy now, pay later, and loans.

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