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To ensure that we hold on to our mission of improving the quality of life by providing easy access to consumer credit across all payment channels, CredPal has entered a strategic partnership with Orile Restaurant and Bar, a fusion of ethnic & contemporary cuisine to offer eat now, pay later to their customers.

Speaking on the partnership, the CEO & owner of Orile Restaurant & Bar, Bimpe Fashogbon, mentioned:

Orile Restaurant and Bar partnering with CredPal is of great value to us and our customers. Our tagline ensures that all our customers that come here leave happily. Now, what does CredPal do? CredPal ensures that whether or not you have money, you can have access to good food from Orile and pay later.

This feature is however not limited to food alone but also to other basic and lifestyle needs of life ranging from electronics and gadgets, furniture, travel and transport, real estate, grocery, beauty & cosmetics to education. With this partnership, we are not only offering customers a platform to eat and pay later. We are also giving them a platform that rewards them with discounts and cashback on the go.

Now you can walk into Orile Restaurant and Bar and order any of your favorite dishes, eat and pay later with CredPal. No cash, no debit alert. As a business owner, you can also accept CredPal as one of your payment options as a business owner to allow your customers to buy and pay later. 



In the wake of minimal access to loans, we are driving a lending ecosystem that increases the purchasing power of consumers and economic growth across Africa by offering better and easier access to consumer credit through credit cards, buy now, pay later, and loans.

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